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Updated: Mar 18

Hello, my name is Rose and welcome to I originally started this blog back in 2015, when Tumblr was one of the hipper online platforms to share everything editorial, peculiar, and unique. I’ve since made it a recurring habit to share my journey online, encouraging women to create and adopt a more productive lifestyle. As a reserved introvert, Blogging has always made me feel less alone, and hopefully, you can gain value and clarity with your journey as you follow mine.

What to expect…

I’ve always felt different and somewhat odd, I still can’t put my finger on what makes me different, but whatever it is, I truly believed that God didn’t make a mistake in making me the way I am. So celebrates the beauty found in every individual, no matter our differences; I believe we can achieve incredible results in life; hence the phrase ‘made incredible’. We are beautiful; we are made incredible.

I grew up believing that I could be and do whatever I put my mind to, but I quickly found out that getting to where I wanted to be in life required more than just happy thoughts and wishful thinking. It’s funny how we emphasise so many things when really what count it’s simply taking action. That is why I always say ‘small progress is better, no progress, ‘I have even put in a t-shirt you can purchase here, with many other Made Incredible merchandise!

In the last five years or so, I’ve recognised that it isn’t money, talent, or even social media likes that makes a difference in success but rather the actions you take. And it's more often, the steps you didn’t take will haunt you the most. And since that realisation, I’ve been an avid promoter of ‘making productivity a priority.’ See, I’ve got a magnificent and colourful, busy brain that sometimes works in a strange way, so I understand the chaos and frustration caused by procrastination, indecision, and stagnation. So with my blog, I want to help with:

  1. Productivity Hacks and Tips

  2. Creating a simplified life

  3. Promoting healing and healthy life choices

My passion ultimately lies in 'Organising Busy Brains'.

A bit about me…

I’m 32; I’m married to a wonderful guy called Paul. Together we have two beautiful boys, Ovie and Eveve. I currently live in the UK, Midlands (I’m trying not to give too much away here). I’ve been writing and journaling my life since I was 11 years old. I’m known for buying a ridiculous number of notebooks; I’ve even produced my own ‘Made Incredible Notebook’, which you can grab on Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

I eventually got hooked on everything productivity when my life fell apart, and I needed to find a practical way to put it back together. Then, a couple of years later, I suffered postpartum depression and got another diagnosis for ADHD; it didn’t come as a surprise; in fact, it brought closure to what I’ve always suspected. As a result, I now take real pride in helping women with busy brains and those who don’t feel motivated to seek healing and adopt practical ways to be more productive.

Let's connect...

Maybe you can relate to some of my stories, and perhaps you’ve faced your own disasters and turmoil in life; know that you’re not alone. I would love to connect with as many of you as possible. You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest. And if you want tons of tips on how to keep it together and any update on a new blog post, do hit the follow button.

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