The Forest App: Yay or Nay?

All hail phone addicts and procrastinators, I greet thee!

Since we’re on the topic of productivity, let’s discuss all things Forest App. Is it THEE go to app for staying focused with zero distractions, or is it just another app? Is it an app that positively works with the psychology of our minds or is it completely a wasted purchase?

For those of you who don’t know, Forest is a mobile app designed to help you with your productivity. It helps you stay focused and is primarily there to help you overcome your phone addiction. It uses human fondness and enables you to grow a tree via your productivity.

How it works is:

- You download the app

- Choose the tree you want to grow and set a timer for time you need to focus

- The app whitelists specific apps on your phone. So for example, you can whitelist calls, Instagram, text messages and any other app that you think will distract you if you were to receive a notification

- If you leave the app during that timer to see to your whitelisted app(s), your tree growth ceases

Right, so you might be reading this, the app sounds great to you, but it’s just not enough for you. I’ll use my own example…

I love the idea of the app and its functionalities, but it’s not exactly enough, because I’m not so interested in growing a tree. Although I should be because climate change is at stake right now, but the fact that a tree that I’m growing somewhere in the world (that I don’t see) will start to whither if I check notifications? Doesn’t quite capture me.

Can I be honest? Maybe, if my productivity were to feed a child, convert into some sort of digital currency, or contributed to a charity, I’d probably be more engaged into the idea. We’re not all into growing trees. It’s not growing your everyday plant(s). It’s growing a whooole tree! And because we live in a fast-tracked world, we want what we’ve invested in, now! I don’t know. I’m just being real.

I don’t think there’s many cons to the app, but let’s go through both factors anyway:


- It’s easy to use and navigate. User-friendly and graphically appeasing. I always love an app with great graphics. It’s minor detail, but I always appreciate good and easy navigation on an app. I think it’s the visually satisfying graphics that keep me ‘ooOo’-ing.

- The whitelisting option. This was the main green tick for me. As a procrastinator, what helps with overcoming phone addiction is simply when I don’t have any notifications come through. Or when my phone is literally face-down. So being able to whitelist the app(s) you know will distract you? – perfff!

- You’ve got monitoring tools to measure your progress. I think with anything that you’re invested in in life, you always to know how good or bad you’re doing to get the best out of your investment or invested time


- There aren’t many tree varieties, it’d be good to have more

- Like I said, it’d be good to have more variety in how to convert time invested in the app. So instead of just being able to grow a tree, have a currency you can convert into giving towards different social causes or even being able to convert time into vouchers. Might have to submit this feedback into the App Store. The app’s really not half bad

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